09 July 2018

(from whitehouse to) sheidlina

sheidlina talks on twitter about buying my paintings - her choices, the two images shown, may surprise (or shock) some (or many) of her fans? - whilst honeymooning in japan she came to visit on her birthday 30 june - but, needless t'say', it felt much more like MY birthday - a friend she brought along also bought a painting!

the photo is from her visit last year - i forbid photos this year (sorry!), i want to keep new works secret - exhibition beginning of next year i think

she says i am too shy, of course she is right - and she stared right into my eyes, her nose almost touching mine, and said i had beautiful eyes - ?!? - of course she is wrong - and in her twitter posts here she describes me as grizzled and insanely charming - again right and wrong!

the "goodnight" painting (girl with, um, bedtime friend) was initially reserved by attaka maki  and mikhail svetov (who's becoming increasingly well known as a leader of the libertarian party of russia) - but they pulled out of buying it on their visit to japan last year, saying it was impossible to carry and impossible to send by mail - really? - sheidlina had less than no hesitation buying it on sight but i hope doesn’t run into the same impossibilities…?

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