20 July 2017

inspired by babyart - update

liliana strikes once again with her rendition of "asobimasho"

beautiful photos of "quality time" (whitehouse cd cover) by fokken greed - model is n.o.e.l j

"buy my lollipops" by the resourceful cat and snake s love 

and finally, or not finally, never-ending interpretations of "our lady of raspberries" - much to my embarrassment (i don't like the painting) - these by heey ddk and len ka6

.     .     .

an update to my update! - this is "eyesucker" by alena alcove - i think her second trevor cosplay

19 July 2017

alice 2017

"green tea party" is on show at the "alice 2017" exhibition at the roppongi stripes space gallery, 15 to 23 july - numerous other distinguished artists - more info here

actually, i wasn't intending to join this exhibition - i feared everyone getting bored with "alice" (especially trevor brown alice!)? - but now maybe wish i had done something new - "green tea party" is taken from span art gallery's private collection

04 July 2017

rip glb.

i’ve just heard - final printed issue of “gothic and lolita bible” came out april this year (which suggests it could live on in digital form or something?) - harajuku street culture mag “fruits” also closing after 20 years due to lack of cool kids to photograph any more? - end of an era! - i’m still amazed they used my art for a cover (number 24, back in 2007) but apparently they were at the nananano x trevor exhibition last year talking about maybe working with me again..? - i repainted the pink skull in “normal” colours after this cover illustration, btw

glossy sheet of stickers!

03 July 2017

INSIDE artzine

just received the new issue (along with a generous bunch of back issues) of "inside artzine" - number 19, which includes a splendid 8 page piece on me (plus a half page book review) - as i didn't want to do an interview as such, the text is gonzo fiction incorporating some highlights from my “ask me anything” page - the magazine is hellishly beautiful (with the emphasis on hell) and high quality - definitely recommended! - japan readers can find back issues at vanilla gallery 

and there’s a 4 page tb spread in the vol 11 spring issue of “girls and corpses” - why'd i agree to this? - i regret it - the layout is pitifully banal - headline lazily taken off the lousy trevor brown wikipedia - you can tell their heart wasn't in it, despite all the reassurances it was "amazing" - they were equally unconcerned about sending me a copy - finally got these scans from a fellow artist featured in the thing - never seen it but can't recommend it (i mean really, who actually buys it? - it’s not remotely sexy, goth or funny - i don’t get it - probably just vanity publishing for the editor who gets off on it?)