28 January 2018

th no.73

trevor x nananano feature in the new issue of talking heads

20 January 2018

トレコス (trecos - trevor cosplay)

cover of the book! - officially released 6 february but should be ready for the exhibition starting 1 february - there’s a book-signing ordeal at the gallery on saturday 3 feb - altho a different publisher (atelier third) it's a similar size book to the usual trevor brown books i think - 80 pages - mostly full page pics and enlarged pics - and then a 16 page b/w "how to make tre-cos" appendix - nananano text (in japanese of course) and lots of little pix - book available for pre-order on japan amazon - atelier third also accept foreign orders - i imagine akatako in america might stock later - and timeless in europe have already ordered lots of copies

exhibition is at span art gallery 1 to 6 february - i only have seven paintings on show (others are sold) - so, once again, exhibiting the pencil preliminary scribbles - mari shimizu also included in the exhibition with a doll inspired by me (and nananano?!) - and i’ll be showing an old mari shimizu “doll” from my “collection” along with a little painting inspired by it - unsure if mari is sitting in on the book-signing thing - probably i guess…?

10 January 2018

babuchan - human is corpse

5th album by babuchan is adorned by a babyart cover! - my first cd cover for years!? (as barely anyone, particularly anyone in the western world, prepared to pay for the privilege) - it's a cd i actually wanted to be on the cover of - so i was very happy to be asked (and paid!) - japanese title is "mikan sei no shitai" (i want to make satsumas?) but english title "human is corpse" has been given by babuchan

official release date: 17 jan - available on amazon jp priced ¥1200 - one track is on youtube - and it's available for digital download on amazon com (and i-tunes eventually i guess) but you miss out on my lovely cover of course

a "one size fits all" jacket also produced with the "obento baby" art - modelled here by shigatsu and yamada-chan - it sold out fairly immediately tho (i don't know how many they made..? - not enough, obviously) - price was ¥30,000

01 January 2018

happy new year!

goodbye, good riddance, to 2017 - worst year ever! - yay for 2018!

"trecos", the nananano x trevor cosplay book, coming out next month - exhibition to coincide at span art gallery 01 to 06 february (includes mari shimizu) - and working towards my own next exhibition at the end of this year, hopefully! - a black rubber theme - "noir nursery"?