25 September 2023

mirrors and windows

 i have five or six paintings in this exhibition at jiro miura gallery 7 to 22 october

20 July 2023


alice kurai by lulusakeyo on instagram

15 July 2023

"dark" exhibition at bunkamura

new bunkamura gallery 8 (shibuya hikarie 8f) opening exhibition - 15 to 30 july 2023

etsuko miura / kuniyoshi kaneko / yu sugawara / hatori / hitomi murakami / trevor brown

includes 5 new tb paintings:

17 June 2023

akaneko at red cube gallery

akaneko's "rubber trecos" exhibition comes to tokyo - june 17 to 29

13 June 2023

bring me the horizon

a few people have been mistaking this for trevor brown art - no, it isn't by me! - perhaps made by ai using my name as a prompt? - it's a cd cover for bring me the horizon - a band I've never heard of but they have literally millions of fans