16 July 2018

hate me! - see if i care!

collected my hate “mail” of recent years - a few gems lost sadly - but more here than i thought actually - and it’s repetitious enough already - mostly all the same old thing - ie ppl calling me a pedophile - so lazy!

note: many of these are transcribed from screenshots - i tried to retain original spelling and grammar (or lack of) but there might be mistakes

who is trevor brown and what is wrong with him

he’s an artist who draws gross pedophilic shit and a lot of ppl on this site like his art for some reason !

You are sick bitch, wtf are you doing, retarded?!?!?!?!?!?

elegant parent
The overt sexualizing of a child…or child form by artist Trevor Brown is disturbing. As an artist and a human, I’m  against child pornography masquerading as art.

Why are you showcasing an artist like this? His entire  page depicts children being sexualized, injured, and in sexual bondage

: ( horrible


breaking pencils
this is weird. in a bad way.

Ugh her art is borderline pedophillia

Am I the only one who thinks that Trevor Brown’s art is a bit boring.

Is he a pedophile? My vote: yes.

Am I the only one here that thinks this guy might need to seek help?

Remind me to stay the fuck away from Trevor Brown.

The artist clearly has some issues that need to be resolved.


? [re mkultra]
His art is sick. but he can also be a victim too. Trevor Brown, i think is just a sick puppet who they can use for carrying out the message

Carly Elizabeth Schmitt 
Meh I've been a fan of your work since I was around 14 years old but more and more lately I question why I'm ok with it

Carly Elizabeth Schmitt 
I think there's a difference between creating subversive and thought provoking art and basing the entirety of your artworks around sexualizing children

He seems like a pedophile. Brown’s work is extremely disturbing in a bad way. Disgusting to see you supporting his work.

You are not dangerous anymore. Total sellout making pins and cosplay [tears of laughter emoji x 2] From Whitehouse to Sheidlina. What an evolution!

@sheidlina I really like you and your opinion is important to me, but this horror [facemask emoji x 2]

Amanda Schiappacasse
Satanic shit!!

Amanda Schiappacasse
Art corrupted evoking depravity, sadism and pedophilia, that is what i see!

Cleveland Muse
Trevor Brown- Art Showing children in different disturbing scenes.

Cleveland Muse
Trevor Brown-Artist? Or Con-artist supporting the Desecration of Children

Andrea Reyes
trevor brown’s art is extremeley distasteful and his views are disgusting, he shouldn’t even be considered an artist lol.

Andrea Reyes
his wife is a weirdo too honestly

I just looked him up and felt sick lmao this shit should be illegal

trevor brown is a fucking pedophile u can’t change my mind when will the tumblors realize

this is about the artist btw

Ben G Daigle
Well if was not for the racist kiddie porn factor you do have a lot of talent…

what would happen if a white woman artist made gross shota boy porn and passed it off as art. this is so gross.

You are a white man depicting Asian women as babies that are violated and somehow that and the pedophilic undertones are ok? Feel like you should take a step back and reflect even if it comes at the expensive of your “aesthetic” or making an easy buck.


I have a right to call pervert pervert. Jerking off with figures of naked children, child-looking dolls, eating shit or fucking dogs is not freedom of expression, it is perversion

Joanna Lang
Wow it looks like an insidious movie cover. What a “masterpiece”! JJ it looks like shlop. If I could compare it to something I would compare to a child saying the fuck word. All for shock, nothing thoughtful and seems rushed and forced!

Joanna Lang
It looks like something my morbid daughter would draw. So mundane and repetitive like the rest of your “art”. Hack. And I bet your fans iq accumulation is maybe 2. Lol. So shocking. Blah and boring.

Joanna Lang
Your art is a joke. Oh its so shocking. (Sarcasm) it’s not offensive but it’s just not good either. Brush your teeth with a bullet pedophile.

Joanna Lang
Maybe you should just admit you are an uncreative  hack. The subject matter in your art is so obvious. Maybe you shouldn't be an  artist bc you need creativity and originality  to put out art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your customers must be art tags that try and shock people. My daughter 11, is more imaginative and original than you. Please for the sake of art stop and drop your  art supplies  in the nearest dumpster. And unfriend in my friend  just bc he is friends  with me is illogical and ignorant. You must be petty and childish.

Joanna Lang
Post this on your Fb so that your sheep followers can think about what I said.

Joanna Lang
Oh. Like I care what insane crap you pedophiles say. That is all. Have fun looking at hack art!

Joanna Lang
Ok, my goal was achieved. I wanted to pis off some liberal, pretentious, art fags. All of these responses just let me know that I got under all of your skins. Lol. You see there is no law protecting your feelings. I'm allowed to say what I want whenever I want too. You have no control òfbmy thoughts and feelings. If you all were smart you would have just read my comments and let them roll off your shoulders. Instead all of you got nasty and defensive bc I have a different opion. Shame, shame. So that tells me that you are only open-minded to things that you believe in. But when someone doesn't agree with you, you become nasty, rude, and defensive. So you really are narrow minded sheeps. I have all the right in the world to tell trevor brown his art is tired shock art and absolutely deplorable. Next time you disagree with someone in life remember this, you can't change the situation but you can change yourself. And art is supposed to be critiqued. That is part of the game. Being an artist myself I am completely open to being critiqued. Trevor is in the career that
So to all you sheep get thicker skin and don't get so angry when someone has a different opinion than yours. Call me whatever you want bc in the end this is inane crap that doesn't matter in life. BTW if you have been looking at my posts I hope you read them bc I only like to post about truths and reality. If you find them offensive than fix

where people can interpret and judge his art. And yes sexually suggested pictures of young girls in bondage and such should get negative reactions. Not just bc it's perverted and wrong but it's a tired idea, shock art is something hacks do bc they want attention and have no other original ideas for their art. I'm not hateful just bc I think his pics are morally wrong. I'm hateful bc his fans are moronic sheep and it bothers me that I have to explain this to all of you but you are all kind of dumb. If you are all so illogical and think his art is ok, well, you people are missing something in your brain. I love and appreciate art, music, and good people. I played all of you and those who wrote to me well, you basically did exactly what I wanted you to do. So my conclusion is that trevor brown fans are incredibly silly, illogical, and have low IQ's. Also if you must not like my Fb posts you must like to hide from reality bc I only call it like it is and speak my mind. I love some people but and I have a lot of empathy for others as well. I'm not a bigot and when all you can do is name call well, you have already lost the debate. All of you are upset bc I said the truth and sometimes it may not be pretty but you have to learn that not everyone is delusional like yourselves and will tell it like it is. You shouldn't name call and be nasty about but instead I gore it. Bc if what I said was wrong than all of you would have just ignored me. But I hit a sour note and you all became defensive . You need to ask yourself why did I mad. Wel, you got mad bc I said the truth and deep down you know I'm correct. If you can't understand this than maybe you are all delusional and just want to be "open-minded" about crap like this. I think you are all so open-minded that your brains are falling out your heads. There needs to be a line, there Needs to be morals and you will still be "cool" and "liberal" if you know right from wrong. This is funny to me, I love getting into it with people like yourselves bc you say the most as

asinine things. You have nothing intelligent to say and you name call. I'm sorry I'm more intelligent than all of you but you most likely will never change. I'm so happy I'm not a delusional sheep like yourselves and I know where not to cross the line. I'm sorry your parents didn't raise you better and you have absolutely no common sense but it's the truth. And my child is an amazing, independent, logical young lady. She just gets her upset when she knows that people like yourselves actually exsist. We don't like stupid people. We will be civil to them but I would never want to spend time with them bc they are not on my level. I'm polite and have manners but when it comes down to pedophile art pieces, I can get nasty. Robyn esau, the police need to be called on you for indulging yourself with trevor browns art. You are all heathens and have no clue on what good art is. I'm sorry your unintelligent but maybe if you educate yourself there might be hope for you but you have common sense or you don't. Trevor brown is smart only bc he knew if he did outlandish shock art that pretentious sheeps would gobble that shit right up. I really hope all of you wake up and see it for what it is but you are to set on being liberal and sjw's. I feel so bad for all of you. It would suck to be stupid.

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Joanna Lang
Thankyou for validating me by posting my message on your news feed… I had a satisfactory  orgasm  while writing and insulting you…when I feel the urge again I won’t be shy.

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