28 March 2018

enamel pins - forthcoming!

120 of each produced - 3cm big (or small?), mounted on handmade A7 backing cards - approx $10 each or $25 for all three, plus postage - payments will be accepted by credit card via square - akatako and timeless will have some, also hopefully some tokyo outlets (span art?…)

pic is a mock up, not the actual pins

i’m figuring on a release date of 7 april

i say 7 april as i’ll be going to asakusa parabolica-bis for the urbangarde exhibition on 6 april and can hit the wholesale stores in the district for plastic baggies and envelopes at the same time - BUT i have no actual guarantee i’ll have received the pins by then - i SHOULD have!, they were allegedly shipped (from china) on 21 march - if sent by dhl, as they claim, i should have received already! - sadly, the british company i went with to produce them (pinpals ltd), haven't been remotely reliable - i was an idiot to order from them

update 30 march

basically, and to put it bluntly, everything i was told by pinpals was bullshit! - i can no longer sift the truth from the lies with them/him - all i know now is the pins were never shipped to me - i pretty much guessed that after his inability to supply me with a tracking number - i've been given the above pix which at least is evidence the things exist (but obviously only just now finally made after being ordered two months ago!) - and i'm being told they will be shipped to england before being shipped to me - whaaaa! - this is such crap - so much pointless frustration - of course i have no idea at all now when they'll be available - and needless to say this will be my first and last order!

update 02 april

good news!!!! - the parcel is in tokyo! - it wasn't sent to england first - so, unless dhl tracking is playing an april fools joke on me, that 7 april release date remains good it seems : )

26 March 2018

midori hayashi - night comers

another "catching up with books backlog" post - in fact i rarely buy books nowadays - i have too many and mrs brown complains - mindless of that, this one wanted - the second photobook of the demonic-looking dolls of midori hayashi - i met midori herself at the tb x nano exhibition (2016) and happy to report she's not at all demonic - instead she's disturbingly normal, you'd never even guess she's a doll artist - an interview here - book published by atelier third, first book "dream child" also recommended

15 March 2018

urbangarde showa 90 skirt and tights

made by dangerous nude - skirt ¥16000 (+tax) - info here - tights ¥4000 (+tax) - info here

10 March 2018

urbangarde 10th anniversary

exhibition at parabolica-bis with costumes and tribute art - i made a new painting "kekkonshiki" - and i think the "showa 90" cover art will also be on show (others too??) - [postscript - no, they're not actually]

my wife now tells me that kimonos should be wrapped left over right - tho dead bodies are dressed right over left for funerals and burial (so not such an embarrassing faux pas as far as my painting concerned!) - yurei/obake are also depicted right over left - tho a google image search seems to show this isn't always the case and no longer common knowledge...?

04 March 2018

trecos available now

copies have at last landed in the western world at akatako and timeless

02 March 2018

secret dreams of erotic princess

well, this was actually a secret to me - it completely passed me by - maybe because i didn't recognise it as a kenichi murata book? -  the cover not a very typical kenichi murata image - ironically the content within harks back strongly to the old hand-tinted murata photographs - an excellent collection - the book released by edition reuss in germany in 2016 - "limited collectors edition" it says - and happily uncensored (i dislike the self-censoring of his japanese books - often ugly and distracting, imo)