04 June 2017

inspired by babyart - (?)

well, it’s sheidlina fan art in fact - such is the power of shedlina photos, many quickly become iconic - i’m not even tagged in the majority of these images - but i’m still thankful to her for all my new followers (i just hope one day all these russian pre-teen girls grow up to buy my paintings)

01 June 2017

inspired by babyart - may 2017

a selection of works by cat_and_snakes__love

bondage video - by plaaastic - except apparently this wasn’t the image she was inspired by - that is lost and unknown and maybe not even a trevor brown image : /

caterpillar garden - by dana_josu

alice kirei - by _savbyanova_

a drawing by lalapipx

and lastly, frog inspired make-up by suama - an oldie but she just reposted on her instagram