08 November 2018


this got a fair bit of unexpected interest after being posted on instagram - many people asking if they could buy - they were made by condomania in los angeles in 2007 and, of course, no longer available now 

so i thought of doing some new ones (with my rubber exhibition next spring in mind) - i checked out a custom condom site - and the same people also commented on my post offering their services - looked great, full color art possible - but following that up resulted in all aroused excitement being immediately deflated - they can’t ship to japan due to “very strict guidelines”

i couldn't find the specific import regulations myself - tho did see the japanese are not adverse to exporting their condoms - i don't doubt it anyway - tiny dick japanese don't want to be shamed by big western dick size condoms (i’m joking, in aggravation) - actually i sorta recall the same problem with these 2007 condoms 


01 November 2018

halloween 2018

"tooth fairy" by hina yotsuyu - a (soon-to-depart) member of necronomidol - they seem to have many oversea fans - i think their manager may be a gaijin? - i've a vague memory of them contacting me some time ago - but seems they've got suehiro maruo doing their cd covers now

"queen alice" by kedizm_quality - definitely one of my least favorite paintings but one of my most favorite "model"s, so i'm very happy to see this - she's been doing trevor cosplays every halloween for five years now - i've never met her - i think she's from hiroshima

kayumush and friend - a couple of "fix-me-doll"s

these precious few are in fact ALL the bonafide halloween trevor cosplays this year (that i've seen) - the following are all pre-halloween and the usual, mostly russian, instagram posts

"kabbalah bondage" by nikiashka - inspired by sheidlina more than inspired by babyart i feel...?

the "salome" meme continues - ladrapmeri and sophie.b.murmaider

a couple more "frog"s by linabugz and shancchu

"xmas" (not halloween) by sylvalynx

torana_v - no specific cosplay but tagged as "inspired by babyart" - uh-oh! - no comment...

nitenite99 again, reinterpreting "atom girl" - sadly this will be the last nitenite99 trevor cosplay as her "last girl on earth" stance on no tags/credits has proven too controversial (something i wasn't entirely happy with myself either)

and lastly, re trevor cosplay, and re controversy, we have this contrived non-drama courtesy of pretty little ugly liar (in the plaaastic thread):

lah-di-dah - this would be hilarious if it wasn't so close to libellous - "like there may be some controversy" - there isn't, so throw in some thinly veiled accusations and insinuations without any evidence - generally my "creepy comments" are little more than gracious "thank you"s - i'm sorry if i'm too old to do that and such politeness is regarded as extremely strange : /

this is the response from the underage ass high-school girl (another regular babyart cosplayer) i've supposedly been behaving inappropriately with

12 October 2018

inspired by babyart

"jungle jane" by nitenite99

"laylah" by _szatany and alexsita_

"yurei" by violaneko19

"kabbalah bondage" by fokken__greed / loliegoist

"our lady of raspberries" by deararm

"drink me" by wieomn

13 September 2018

melanie vibes

so, i hear many times, my work apparently gives off melanie martinez vibes - ??? - whoever she might be! [insert tongue sticking out emoji] - and, perchance, it wouldn’t be the other way round would it? - i’ve been doing this babyart thing since before she was born y’know [is there an old grumbling man emoji i can use here?]

the above jpeg has been reposted quite a few times on melanie fan instagrams - i’ve been tagged and gained a bunch more followers from it, so i guess it doesn’t bother me that much - (tho i don’t know if and how much it’s been reposted without any links or credit to me) [ps. needless t'say, it has been and they refuse to credit me!] - it does rather imply my art is being used for her next cd - it isn't of course - but it seems many, or at least a number, of her fans want to believe this is true - haha, i doubt melanie martinez would even acknowledge ever having heard of me - she repeatedly says mark ryden is her inspiration

i posted the “pool of tears” painting on my own instagram - and surprised to see it almost reach 10,000 likes [ps. now over 10k] - the most popular thing i’ve ever posted - it’s also attracted a lot more comments than i’m used to - there's a lot of melanie hate, which isn’t surprising in view of the sexual assault allegation now directed at her - she isn’t as pure and innocent as her aspired commercially acceptable image - i should be happy not to be associated with her is the general opinion

there seems to be a thin line between the admiration of my art and the abhorrence of her shallow image: romanticizing mental illness, fetishizing children/children’s objects, pandering to the “ddlg” (daddy dom / little girl) tumblr culture - the 14 year old girl demographic - which, i actually seem to be inheriting from sheidlina - tho i don’t seem to get the ddlg type latching onto me so much - i think ryden’s work does fit that world, his girls being so wispy and needy - whereas my girls, despite all the bondage and black eyes etc, are more latently aggressive and glare back (appealing to the feminist / punk types?!)

for the record i’ve never listened to more that 15 seconds of anything melanie martinez has done - and i feel nothing (except too old?!)

04 September 2018


postmortem diary - the second babuchan cd i'm very happy to be on the cover of - out now - found in all the usual places - amazon, itunes, bandcamp etc

and i'm also on the cover of this cd - which i'm less excited about after being kept waiting three months for a copy of it


henge photo filters by kinotrope (tomomi sakuba)