15 November 2017


a book currently in production of the nananano “trecos” (trevor cosplay) works - 22 altogether - we wanted to do a few more new ones but other members of “the team” (the photographer, make-up and cg artists) howled in protest - the book will however include some behind-the-scenes offshot photos 

an exhibition being planned at span art gallery the first week of february to coincide with the book’s release - as the work previously shown at span art, i actually really wanted to do the exhibition in osaka - but that never worked out - are there no good galleries anywhere any more? (that want me!) [don’t answer that, rhetorical question] 

i think it’ll be more a nananano exhibition than a trevor brown exhibition, as i have depleted original works available (only half a dozen?) - there is one nice new (i.e. unseen) painting tho - doll artist mari shimizu called in to provide some back-up - she’ll be making a new doll inspired by my work(!) - and there’ll be a book-signing event, needless to say - more detais later...

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