31 October 2017

inspired by babyart - bumper halloween special

kedizmquality - "tooth fairy" - every year she excels at this trevor cosplay thing (that's now become such a thing!)

babyakaneko - "grave robber", "burned out" and "pink rose" - i'm pretty sure she's my number one biggest fan in japan - so, not to be out-beaten, she's made three entries - but she already won my heart years ago

yukino mishima and nurse friend - "i-nazi" / "nursie" - as this is an "unofficial" photo, i actually wonder if the restroom mirror selfie was intentional?

ice pinooo - first of the "fix-me-doll"s this halloween

nerunerunenene - "fix-me-doll" - too cute!

6ed2819fa3e4473 (hope i spelt that correctly) - "fix-me-doll - she's just on a night out and not expecting to be featured on the trevor brown blog

tinycircus93 - "fix-me-doll" - a "melissa from london", which makes me happy for some reason

kissmedeadlydoll - "fix-me-doll" - this one also an unexpected delight coming out of nowhere

plaaastic - nothing specific, just "inspired by you, trevor"

404bunny - another non-specific ("babyart inspired") tb nurse - ha!, as if i now own the copyright on nurses?!?

i.xaa - ditto : )

stevesparkle - turquoise

hentaisu - "harlequin girl" and "infinity" (detail) from "lil miss sticky kiss"

kedizmquality (again) - effortlessly being "lil miss sticky kiss" - this is actually an old pic, i don't think i've posted before?

dark princess youtube - "yurei" - nice photo but i'm a little miffed about it - it got over 10k likes on instagram - but i got nothing - no credit or tag or link or anything - and she was kinda intimating it was her idea ("look my halloween ideas on youtube") - humph!

destroyed my world - "yurei" again - and this time with a respectful "inspired by babyart" credit

katrin de nya - "fight" - this also got over 10k likes on instagram - i'm tagged, but it seems these hidden in image tags aren't seen by many - i should insist on links in the description - of course, many of these are russian girls are actually inspired by sheidlina as much as (or actually far more than) they are by me - sigh! - anyway, whatever, i rather like this photo

rgiil - "cockroach is my only friend" - her cockroaches have escaped?

itnikiash - "cockroach is my only friend" - seems to be a favourite for cosplay lately - soft toys replacing cockroaches here - rather aggressive soft toys judging by her wounds!

larsen baby - "appleheart" - nice attention to detail

darkswan art - "anatomia" - !!!

finally my own bit of halloween "cosplay" - a photo version of my "beast 666" drawing from 1991

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