02 August 2018

iconography property rights

someone brought this to my attention almost immediately it was posted on instagram - an etsy seller in spain “making t-shirts out of a copy of your art” - hmm - my initial reaction was “no”, it was just a similar idea and not a copy of my art - i don’t own the copyright on lolita nurses with eye patches! - but looking again, the hairstyle and tilt of head, it does actually appear the artist has seen and “copied” my work - is it enough to redraw something in a different style to make it okay? - how changed does it have to be? - and should i be incited that they are capitalizing on what is a kind of babyart trademark image? - i dunno...

a brief exchange with the above lowlife on instagram:
“art copied from trevor brown” 
“That isn’t my problem. ;)” 
“Excuse me, did I insult you?
Did I design that shirt?
First show some class and education and then talk to me, So, as you are such an impolite person, and you started this, now its my turn to reply so: buttholes licker, go fuck yourself with a baseball bat and insult your mother! 😊
good luck with your shit, hope you eat all of it. ;)”

class! - so what’s more insulting and impolite? - calling someone an asshole (a remark which transpires to be correct) - or promoting t-shirts that use art copied from another artist without any credit - and basically and bluntly telling that artist to go fuck themselves when they make that fact known

happily the person who did design that shirt turned out to be a little more friendly and apologetic - and a fan of my work - so, to play nice and avoid frustration/aggression, i just asked for “inspired by babyart” links - altho the image is a blatant copy of my art, i think it wouldn’t stand up in court

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