28 March 2018

enamel pins - forthcoming!

120 of each produced - 3cm big (or small?), mounted on handmade A7 backing cards - approx $10 each or $25 for all three, plus postage - payments will be accepted by credit card via square - akatako and timeless will have some, also hopefully some tokyo outlets (span art?…)

pic is a mock up, not the actual pins

i’m figuring on a release date of 7 april

i say 7 april as i’ll be going to asakusa parabolica-bis for the urbangarde exhibition on 6 april and can hit the wholesale stores in the district for plastic baggies and envelopes at the same time - BUT i have no actual guarantee i’ll have received the pins by then - i SHOULD have!, they were allegedly shipped (from china) on 21 march - if sent by dhl, as they claim, i should have received already! - sadly, the british company i went with to produce them (pinpals ltd), haven't been remotely reliable - i was an idiot to order from them

update 30 march

basically, and to put it bluntly, everything i was told by pinpals was bullshit! - i can no longer sift the truth from the lies with them/him - all i know now is the pins were never shipped to me - i pretty much guessed that after his inability to supply me with a tracking number - i've been given the above pix which at least is evidence the things exist (but obviously only just now finally made after being ordered two months ago!) - and i'm being told they will be shipped to england before being shipped to me - whaaaa! - this is such crap - so much pointless frustration - of course i have no idea at all now when they'll be available - and needless to say this will be my first and last order!

update 02 april

good news!!!! - the parcel is in tokyo! - it wasn't sent to england first - so, unless dhl tracking is playing an april fools joke on me, that 7 april release date remains good it seems : )

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