10 August 2017

return of the baby art web site!

i spent literally months re-making my site at the end of last year - only to watch it promptly vanish because the (20 year) lease expired (the owner i sub-leased from similarly disappeared) - after reactivating my contingency blog (this one here!), i thought i could live on without a website (everyone remains on social media nowadays - no one visits web sites anymore - and my pix are already everywhere) - but lately i’ve had quite a few people asking if i have an official web site and where can they find more pix and information - so i decided it’s time to try and get the baby art web site back online

i knew it’d be difficult and of course it was - i wanted something free and hassle-free - particularly as they are bound to delete me sooner or later for some tos transgression - and i just wanted a blank page that i could simply upload my own html onto - but few free hosting sites will allow that, it seems, instead insisting you work from their trendy, or plain horrible, modular templates (they’ll have like 50 templates to choose from, named chic, minimal, elegant, midnight etc etc - but they are all exactly the same!) - if they do give the illusion of an open blank page you are stopped in your tracks by: “you must upgrade to a paid plan in order to unlock html access”

after numerous hours wasted scouring the "100% absolutely free" lies i did finally find a place or two that looked promising - but i immediately got booted off, suspended for “abuse”

i hadn’t even been able to up-load anything to infinityfree - i apparently got suspended for attempting to log into my account! - the expired untrusted certificates they are running with resulted in constant ftp login errors - i had managed to log in and upload no more than 3 html files (no jpegs) to another hosting account called 000space - and altho advertising themselves as separate companies, it seems they are suspiciously the same people, as i got suspended from both accounts simultaneously (for MY suspiciousness!) - so, like the ftp clients tell you, these people are not to be trusted

i gave up trying after that - but thankfully i recieved an offer from krown design which i was very happy to accept - i sort of knew her/them - and subleasing from someone who appreciates my work i think a far better option than all these free (or not so free) sites who are always 100% absolutely bound to be a fly in the ointment

so here you go - the resurrected baby art web site - born 10th august, same as me!

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