03 July 2017

INSIDE artzine

just received the new issue (along with a generous bunch of back issues) of "inside artzine" - number 19, which includes a splendid 8 page piece on me (plus a half page book review) - as i didn't want to do an interview as such, the text is gonzo fiction incorporating some highlights from my “ask me anything” page - the magazine is hellishly beautiful (with the emphasis on hell) and high quality - definitely recommended! - japan readers can find back issues at vanilla gallery 

and there’s a 4 page tb spread in the vol 11 spring issue of “girls and corpses” - why'd i agree to this? - i regret it - the layout is pitifully banal - headline lazily taken off the lousy trevor brown wikipedia - you can tell their heart wasn't in it, despite all the reassurances it was "amazing" - they were equally unconcerned about sending me a copy - finally got these scans from a fellow artist featured in the thing - never seen it but can't recommend it (i mean really, who actually buys it? - it’s not remotely sexy, goth or funny - i don’t get it - probably just vanity publishing for the editor who gets off on it?)

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