23 April 2017

welcome to baby art's new home?

baby art web site: born 1998 - died 2017(?)

i was here long before facebook and twitter ever existed -  there’s always been the baby art web site where other trevor brown internet existences have come and gone - baby art org and baby art nu domains illegally snatched away from me and shunted off the like of livejournal, myspace and tumblr (the internet hates me) - but now, after 19 years, it appears the baby art web site has suddenly disappeared, probably never to be seen again…??? - the space was subleased from pileup.com, a japanese guy - at first i presumed cyberpoached but the whois revealed the domain had simply expired, after 20 years - but mysteriously has been renewed by someone for another year? - i’ve not heard back from mr pileup - so at the moment i don’t know what the situation is tbh

so, time, once again, to relaunch this old contingency blog, kept for just an occasion - welcome to baby art’s new home?


  1. I just found your new site. When I went to pileup, no more TB and a window asking me to update what could be malware. New Year brings new changes. I will be checking for updates from here now.

  2. it's especially sad/annoying as i spent over a month on a major renewal and huge expansion of the site at the end of last year (struggling with css etc)

  3. I hope everything will be better, good luck !